We started offering financial and in kind support to members of our community who found themselves in dire need of crisis support in October 2012 with the anticipation of helping 12 individuals per year.  However, in our first 3 months of operation, we helped 38 individuals and continue to be swamped by demand despite not fully advertising our services.  We are supported by Irvine Housing Association who donate the use of their premises as an office, admin support and their staff have raised vast amounts of funds between them for the trust. We benefit from working closely with Association staff and local partners to offer individuals a holistic service, tailored to individual circumstances and follow through with clients to ensure improvement of life chances and aspirations thus preventing a downward spiral. The AQ Trust have supported service users in many different ways over the years, such as fuel top ups, food parcels, hygiene packs, beds, cookers, travel expenses etc. in order to live their lives when they thought they had nowhere else to turn.

To date we have helped 952 individuals and are fast approaching 1,000. This doesn't take into consideration the individuals families who are also benefitting from our support.

If anyone would like any more information regarding selecting the AQ Trust as your chosen charity to raise funds for, get in touch with Gemma; aqtrust@outlook.com; 07851850199; or via facebook messenger.

Check out our Facebook page to keep up to date with all our latest info - https://www.facebook.com/TheAQTrust.charity